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We help companies discover what makes them unique, put together strategies that improve key metrics, and build websites that sell.

You deserve it

Discover how your business can benefit from working with the right people.

Unique solutions.

We work for people who want their website to be unique and original so it tells their story and no one else’s.  

No long-term contracts.

Every business should have the freedom to change directions when they need to. So we never lock you into long-term contracts that you don't want.

Exceptional execution.

Beautiful, easy to use, fast websites that perform on mobile and desktop. Content that speaks in your voice and talks to your audience.

We’ve been working with Informed Motion team for many years, multiple projects at a time. Our company relied on their services for all new and ongoing web projects that range in complexity and scope. As our company grew, the needs for more technical know-how and support grew with it and IM was always there to help. They are efficient, knowledgeable, reliable and easy to work with. The team always delivers excellent results even under time crunches and tight deadlines. To have such a dedicated team at your disposal is a real treat for any business and I would highly recommend them to others.

Bob Mahon

Senior VP, Information Technology, Korman Communities

When it comes to web designers and strategists, there are loads of people who talk a good game, but Victoria actually makes it happen. She and I worked on building an online membership platform for coaches and I was impressed with Victoria’s knowledge on the subject matter and the level of execution. She is someone you’d want to work with because she will help you with the technical side and provide the training and support that we so often need and lack.

Julie French

Principle, Academy of High Achievers

Your experience matters

Your life with the right team vs. your life without one

You built an amazing company that you are proud of. You work hard on your business and providing your customers with the best product and service. You are ready to scale up.


  • Know how to clearly define the next steps and which steps are most important to the growth of your business?
  • Know why your website is not as effective as you thought it would be?
  • Try different tactics to improve your KPIs and then measure the effectiveness, so you know which ones work, and which don’t?
  • Know how to assess where things are breaking and how to fix problem areas?
  • Know how to clearly communicate with your customers, what to say and where to put the most important messages on your site, so your product and services shine and your user engagement grows?
  • Have a full-stack development team to implement your ideas into working products and to support your business with the technical know-how?
  • Have someone who can tell you what is possible and how to best build it?
  • Have the team you need for growth?

No one likes feeling lost. You can’t know it all. It is overwhelming. But you know the most important thing – your business! You have the passion and the drive for your business. We have it for ours. By working together, we can help you avoid common pit falls, find opportunities for the future, and provide the support system, so you end up in a better place than where you began.

Your success matters to you. You matter to us. 

If you passionate about what you do and want to get the most out of your website, we'd like to hear from you.

Your choice

3 ways to work with us

Lots of our clients subscribe to our monthly service. However, many of them initially come to us with a specific need. It is not uncommon to begin our relationship with a clearly defined project or a consultation session.

1. Consulting

If you are in your planning stage and need help to get started, you need to go through a discovery process to identify main areas of focus based on your goals. Your internal team can implement the plan, or you could hire us to do it for you.

2. Project-based

If you know what needs to be accomplished and you have a specific plan, starting with the project is best. Each project will run through all steps of our design process to achieve the best results for your business.

3. Subscription

The best fit if you are growing and have many needs. Bring us in as your dedicated tech team. We will prioritize your monthly goals and use our process to achieve desired results.

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We are an experienced web design and development team and for us, your success is our success. We handle the technical side so you can concentrate on your business.



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